Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tonia Geissbühler: 'The gang'

This is Tonia Geissbuhler's 3rd year work from 2007 (Antwerp). I love the palette. Some very interesting shapes and ideas are utilised in this sportswear collection:


I have been having a peek at the Antwerp back-catalogues. Very Inspiring. was quite surprised to see that Antwerp third year students get a runway show. RMIT are now dividing fourth years into two groups - one who get to do a runway and another who do an exhibition.


holly fluxx said...

yeh!! antwerp school of design 4 lyf!!! what a unique place//culture <3

Fashion Hayley said...

um that is so unfair to the students who don't get to do basically means no press...

jhon walton said... have just released their new collection for Winter 2010. Featuring some of the hottest designs from Europe, the RIP YSL Tee, the Going Gaga tee and The City of Lights Tee are just a handful of the latest designs. RRP for only $59 , these will be a winter essential. These tees have already been seen on Ruby Rose and Hayley Warner!

jack Hancock said...

i know its a bit naff laurie… but come to the next SSCC meeting next semester and bring this up as an agenda item.. i'm sure we can get it fixed….

Lil' Luxe said...

Hey jack!
apparently rmit are terying to create a more competitive st martin's/antwerp vibe where only the best represent the school. I guess I can see more merit in that. But the website needs an overhaul so I might come and mention that...doubt it'll happen though! maybe the fash department could have their own site?