Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First outfit post - Ridicnic.

It's been a long time between posts, but I am relying a little on other people's cameras/scanners/etc while I save up for my own. Quite frustrating but I'll get there. In the meantime, a quick outfit post. These pictures are from a picnic we had in the Fitzroy gardens.

Unfortunately I don't have any detailed shots of this dress, but I like the horizontal dart over the bust-line. It actually alters the hem of the dress by lifting the material slightly at the front. The effect is kind of ethereal. This garment reminds me of my favorite nightie I had as a kid.

Dress from Cose Ipanema, Yohji Yamamoto Platforms, Hat from Mimco (the only hat I could actually find to fit over my head/hair...cursed!), white tights from nowhere especially interesting.
Last four images by
Sean T Barnes, Polaroid by Caitlin Molloy.