Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie Le Mindu continues to amaze me with his surreal hair sculptures.
I'm pretty sure this image is going to haunt me forever:

Le Mindu also does cuts of the more everyday variety, and eventually when I visit London I'll have to get one... Though I've heard indecisive types generally end up with bobs and rat-tails!

Now, back to making this pesky jumpsuit. It has to be completed by wednesday so fingers crossed it'll turn out! Exciting things planned for the blog when all this crazy work is done. x


Ally said...

Wow, these are amazing. Thanks for the comment, I've added you to my blog roll too :)

becx said...

There's something creepy about hair out of its usual context (um, on zie head). I watched a doco on people who work with hair and the evolution of it from natural, strokeable, beautiful to icky, drain-sticking, unhygienic. Like you say, haunting, but amazing. Thank you for introducing! Your blog constantly challenges me - I love it and can't wait to hear what you have in store! x

Laurie Luxe said...

thankyou Ally!:)

and thanks bec! I agree about hair. I've heard that a lot of human hair used for wigs etc comes from third world countries - a lot of it sourced unethically... but I'd like to research this further...The documentary you mention also sounds quite interesting!

My mother actually made wigs when she was young and I found some spare lengths of synthetic hair she had been hoarding... I will have to play around with it and see how it could be used!


style of olya baileys said...

it is so crazy and amazing))