Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stephanie Simek

Tonight I happened upon the dreamy world of Stephanie Simek. She uses a range of interesting, natural materials in her jewellery line. I love this 'eyelash necklace' (Sterling silver and human hair):

Single Eyelash with teardrops (available in bead or pearl):

The 'Powder Necklace' uses a pearlised Turbo Cinereus shell. Tiny holes have been drilled into the bottom of the shell, which is then filled with sparkly silver powder. When the necklace is gently tapped, the powder is sprinkled onto the wearer! The necklace comes complete with a miniature cork, vial of powder and tiny sterling silver funnel.

And finally, these pussy willow bud earrings recall old rabbit-foot charms. I'm totally fascinated by amulets - these little guys are imagine the tiny rabbits they could have come from! actually, maybe don't ;)


grimeisgold said...

dang that necklash! awesumz