Friday, July 3, 2009

Shelley Duvall

I can't help but be somewhat transfixed by Shelley Duvall. She has such remarkable other-worldly features. I feel strangely compelled to draw her! I love the way she styled herself through the 70s - those sparse false lashes work so well with her minimal make-up and bare, freckled skin.

The snaps below reveal some great colour-blocked Belts and shoes. I especially like the tongue-less boots in the third image...

Shelley played Olive Oyl in Popeye (1980). The styling and costumes in the film are pretty amazing...Olive has always been always plain, awkward and almost androgynous. Yet there was some grace and charm to the character, and from what I see the costume designer captured the character in a most interesting way. Classically feminine motifs (ruffles, fish-tail skirts, etc) are subverted alongside perfectly-ill fitting, severe garments that are somehow both slick and grungy. The boots she wears in particular are worth a look. And that hair... wow.

The promo shot above makes for awesome fashion photography...And below are some vids where you can see the garments better. The second vid even shows Olive getting dressed...

Shelley started a production company to create live-action adaptions of Children's folk and fairy tales for TV. I wouldn't mind taking a look at these at some point, as I take a lot of inspiration from those sources myself.


chloe said...

i never really thought of her in fashion terms but these pics are indeed very cool! love the eyelashes
thanks for your comment! x