Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused...

Elvis Costello is touring and to celebrate I decided to make a little post dedicated to his iconic fashion sense. He is probably best known for his early look - slightly ill-fitting slimane-esque suits, perfectly clashing colours, mis-matching prints and those glasses:

Velvet collars, polka-dots and clashing reds

Subtly off-centre: Excessive colour + print co-ordinating.

Cuffed jeans and suit jacket/waistcoat ensemble ('77)

A western tie paired and skinny suit ('78)

ECs style is now less geek-chic and more modern dandy ... casual, gentlemanly layering, sharp waistcoats, scarves, patterned ties and an impressive collection of coloured/feathered fedoras:
Fab! Perhaps I should put together an Elvis-inspired outfit for the night?...or I could just wear this little number. x


Lawson said...

dude looks like an eccentric pedo in that last one, no offence!