Monday, July 6, 2009

Above + Below London

Yesterday an old pal remarked that my flocked vintage docs reminded her a little of train-seat covers. Well, they have nothing on the these babies:

From the Above + Below London website:
"Featuring fabric reclaimed from the seat upholstery of underground tubes and buses, the shoes immortalize fifty years and ten lines of London public transit. The leather upper parts are made from old, landfill-bound check book wallets, and the soles from used car tires. Each fabric was hand selected from Piccadilly to Bakerloo and restored to its faded glory for one-of-a-kind, metro-salvaged kicks." All shoes are limited edition and sweat-shop free.

These kicks were recycled from the Picadilly line but there are oodles to choose from. The site includes plenty of interesting reading about the history of each line and the London Underground.