Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ruben Toledo is an artist and fashion illustrator. He also happens to be the husband of designer Isabella Toledo (and resident of this drool-worthy Manhattan apartment). In 2003 Ruben turned his hand to animation with Fashionation, a film chronicling the history of French fashion design. Someone kindly posted this Sonia Rykiel snippet on youtube...

Ruben's fashion illustrations translate so beautifully to film that it makes me wonder about the exciting future of fashion-animation.

Here is another video playing with fashion and animation - this time a mesmerising Issey Miyake advertisement created by Euphrates:

I love how such a simple style has been used to explore Miyake's work and branding. Big thanks to Kasia for the heads up on that one!

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on 'Fashionation' I would love to know! xLL

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Legs & Lines

Two very different vintage images featuring legs and shoes. Beautiful graphic design and amazing cut-out wedges below:

Date and Source Unknown

Fetish-inspired material has been everywhere lately so I thought it was high time I posted this fantastic 'Bizarre' cover:

Rediscovered in Caroline Cox's 'Stiletto'


I'm back at school but hope to keep the blog running much as I have through the holidays. Hopefully when I get my camera/scanner working I can post more. I'm also dreaming of a spiffy new layout, but that may have to wait.

I love this image of Jobriath sporting this beautiful neckwear. His costumes were apparently all made by (a very, very young) Stephen Sprouse. Magnific!

Migh-T by Kumiko Watari

Lately I've been enjoying the work of Kumiko Watari. Kumiko studied textiles for 6 years in Kyoto before relocating to CSM in London to study fashion. Her vision is childlike, playful and bold. I love her loungey, street-inspired silhouettes and distinctively sweet colour palettes.
Kumiko's 2007 A/W MA grad show was especially delightful for those of us who grew up collecting Trolls (hello, Bridie!). The hair trend from a few seasons back took a fun, super-synthetic turn with some awesome violet and green troll hair inserts ( as pictured below).
Her recent work continues to play with cute, comical prints. I was impressed to see Australian animals and delftware both somehow making an appearance in the same collection! (A/W 09):
I wouldn't mind those drip print tops, pom-pom hats or super brights in my own wardrobe! xLL

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Numéro Tokyo (July/August 2009)

I love fun, simple street style. This shoot combines some of favourite rtw elements; bold prints, interesting textures, cutesy silhouettes and sneakers perfect for kicking around town in.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused...

Elvis Costello is touring and to celebrate I decided to make a little post dedicated to his iconic fashion sense. He is probably best known for his early look - slightly ill-fitting slimane-esque suits, perfectly clashing colours, mis-matching prints and those glasses:

Velvet collars, polka-dots and clashing reds

Subtly off-centre: Excessive colour + print co-ordinating.

Cuffed jeans and suit jacket/waistcoat ensemble ('77)

A western tie paired and skinny suit ('78)

ECs style is now less geek-chic and more modern dandy ... casual, gentlemanly layering, sharp waistcoats, scarves, patterned ties and an impressive collection of coloured/feathered fedoras:
Fab! Perhaps I should put together an Elvis-inspired outfit for the night?...or I could just wear this little number. x

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoshiko Collection Paris

I absolutely adore YCP! Below are some of favourite pieces from Yoshiko's dreamy, magical world...

We've seen a big resurgence in animal rings in recent years but I think this deer ring is pretty special - I like how the deer stands alone as an ornament when not worn. And of course there's the fantasy element with those amazing crystals! (Brass ring available from Doshaburi Barcelona.)

Dark and fabulous hoops (09 S/S):

This sound/motion sensor butterfly hat from 2007 has to be seen to be believed...

And finally, there's a short & sweet interview with Yoshiko over at one of my fav fashion blogs, A Shaded View of Fashion.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ebay regrets of the week...

I usually forget to buy what I find on ebay, but at least I get inspired browsing...

Bonnie Cashin balloon pants

Comme Skirt...(Created from Curving Boned Panels)

Bonnie Cashin Double Header purse (circa 1970)

Something alluring about the simplicity of these American Indian boots from South Dakota (circa 1970s)...

Above + Below London

Yesterday an old pal remarked that my flocked vintage docs reminded her a little of train-seat covers. Well, they have nothing on the these babies:

From the Above + Below London website:
"Featuring fabric reclaimed from the seat upholstery of underground tubes and buses, the shoes immortalize fifty years and ten lines of London public transit. The leather upper parts are made from old, landfill-bound check book wallets, and the soles from used car tires. Each fabric was hand selected from Piccadilly to Bakerloo and restored to its faded glory for one-of-a-kind, metro-salvaged kicks." All shoes are limited edition and sweat-shop free.

These kicks were recycled from the Picadilly line but there are oodles to choose from. The site includes plenty of interesting reading about the history of each line and the London Underground.

Inspiring dos

Some interesting styles & textures, Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team (UK):

Above: Textured Pony-tails
Angelo Seminara @ Trevor Sorbie
1st: Finalist for British Hairdresser of the Year BHA 2008,
2nd: winning collection, Artistic Team of the Year BHA 2007

Above: Helmet/hood style (shades of the Gibson Girl?)
(Angelo Seminara @ Trevor Sorbie, 2008 BHA)

Above: More beautiful Hat-like styles...
Joe Cree-Brown @ Trevor Sorbie
(Avant-Garde Hairdresser or the Year, BHA 2006)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shelley Duvall

I can't help but be somewhat transfixed by Shelley Duvall. She has such remarkable other-worldly features. I feel strangely compelled to draw her! I love the way she styled herself through the 70s - those sparse false lashes work so well with her minimal make-up and bare, freckled skin.

The snaps below reveal some great colour-blocked Belts and shoes. I especially like the tongue-less boots in the third image...

Shelley played Olive Oyl in Popeye (1980). The styling and costumes in the film are pretty amazing...Olive has always been always plain, awkward and almost androgynous. Yet there was some grace and charm to the character, and from what I see the costume designer captured the character in a most interesting way. Classically feminine motifs (ruffles, fish-tail skirts, etc) are subverted alongside perfectly-ill fitting, severe garments that are somehow both slick and grungy. The boots she wears in particular are worth a look. And that hair... wow.

The promo shot above makes for awesome fashion photography...And below are some vids where you can see the garments better. The second vid even shows Olive getting dressed...

Shelley started a production company to create live-action adaptions of Children's folk and fairy tales for TV. I wouldn't mind taking a look at these at some point, as I take a lot of inspiration from those sources myself.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dead Sharks Wedding Cake

This unusual Wedding cake was created by cake designer theladygloom as part of an awareness campaign for Singaporean animal rights group ACRES. The over-fishing of sharks causes extreme damage to marine ecosystems. Shark Fin Soup is traditionally served at Chinese weddings, with about 50 sharks killed for each wedding banquet.

Click for a closer views...this cake is remarkably detailed:

I love how you don't immediately notice how gruesome these details are when viewing from a distance. Interesting textures like this make me wonder about what could be possible with fashion design...