Monday, June 29, 2009

Jeffrey Daniel

I love watching these early clips of Jeffrey Daniel on TOTP. His dancing is obviously pretty rad but I'm especially inspired by his style.

You may noticed a few familiar moves there. Jeffrey was a big inspiration to the late, great Michael Jackson and worked as a co-choreographer for the clips to 'bad' and 'smooth criminal'.

Tom Binns

Dear Beautiful Tom Binns 'Hand of God' Earrings,

I can't quite afford you at $AU360+, but could you please somehow magically appear and be mine forever? I promise I'll never take you off ever. Just imagine all the fab times we'll have together!

Love LL

Gameboy Shoes

I think I might have died if I'd seen these as a tween :)

So that's what the glam-rock boot was always missing...

Spied over at syberpunk