Saturday, April 18, 2009

Matt and Nat, Vaute Couture

There are a number of unfortunate myths around about veganism. One of the worst is that animal-friendly fashion must be a)hideous and b)environmentally un-friendly. These ideas probably abound from the number of companies creating over-priced vegan substitutes for the most obvious wardrobe staples. These plain, uninspired products are really of no interest to fashion connoiseurs, vegan or not.

Luckily however, there a
re many vegan companies who value design and sustainability just as highly as animal rights. Matt and Nat's handbags are interesting and practical, and made of environmentally friendly materials. Their website features so many beautiful and interesting designs for gents, ladies and either/or:

I love the contrast between the rose gold fittings on the grey materials above. These materials used in these designs are made from recycled bottles! This label really make such interesting use of colour and texture... buttercup bags with patent blue trimmings? divine!

Last but not least, Vaute Couture is an exciting new project that seeks to expose emerging artists while creating environmentally friendly, ethically made, awesomely designed, vegan clothing:

The jacket above features the most unusual finger-like ruffles over each shoulder. The project is just in it's beginning stages, but I look forward to great things.


Fashion Hayley said...

Hey hey sweety. You should blog some of your own work! Your so talented. When we gonna catch up?

matt said...

Well, damn. If only they were local! After seeing this amazing handbag, my last major hurdle to veganism is finding work shoes. Suggestions?