Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charles James

Images:A gown from the May07- Feb08 Charles James Exhibition, Kent State University

I love the graphic paneling on this Charles James Gown; a bold, simple effect that belies its complex construction. While the remarkable silhouette is obvious at any distance, I'd be interested in seeing some of the finer details. If you have close-up images of the gown or stole pictured below plz send them on!

Above: 1953 Gown and 1956 Stole by Charles James. Image: Brooklyn Museum


liz said...

heyy! im from the UK currently studying fashion design and marketing, saw ur jelous you get to see his work! i have nothing but books and the internet as sources! your blog, keep it going!
lizzie harrison

liz said...

p.s forgot to studying charles james at the moment! haha xx